Frequently Asked Questions


Three season rooms, small home additions, full basements, full and partial bathroom remodels and also medium sized projects.  For smaller projects like hanging doors or painting a wall or two we have a list of trusted referrals that we’re happy to be a resource for.

We are a relationship driven family business and making our clients happy is at the forefront of our minds. On most projects we offer a three year warranty on our work. Manufacturers warranties are covered by JWB. Abuse, mis use or neglect may impair these warranties.

We firstly communicate with the client about the item verbally or by text with pictures and or video.  We discuss the different options available and provide on the spot pricing change if needed which is then applied to an internal change order and communicated to the on site team.

Yes, we walk you through every step of the way to select out the materials you need using our architects, designers and trusted vendors.

Our trusted subcontractors start on smaller projects, as a tier 2 subcontractor with a JWB manager and owner close at hand to ensure communication, quality and reliability remain strong partnership goals. Any subcontractor must be fully insured and have worked with us for a minimum of 2 years, before they become a tier 1 subcontractor.

Of course. Click here.

Depending on the scope and availability of materials, 3-6 weeks plus.

$35,000 – $70,000 for most projects depending on scope and materials.

Usually within 3-4 weeks from the first meeting. Timing depends on permits, current workload, and material availability.

All materials are based on design, budget, and wish list.

Most times, yes a permit is needed.


Our plants are locally sourced per project and zone and are selected for overall performance viability and design.

Our region has many beautiful native plants that we are proud to use in many designs.

Usually not, but depending on the scale, design or complexity or the build out it may require additional architectural drawings with associated costs.

Yes, we love working organically as the space unfolds and starts to feel like your new outdoor space.

Yes, financing packages are available up to $75,000.

Yes, we design and build deck and pergolas in wood and composite materials.  Now also featuring Toja Grid structures (insert link on our website)

We love installing outdoor lighting! It provides a unique and welcoming night time atmosphere while highlighting your landscaping at the same time.

We find that a flexible outdoor cooking area or kitchen that fit your family’s lifestyle is a great addition to your home and we’d love to help design and install a custom space to smoke, cook or grill outside. (needs work, but the idea is there)

We work with exterior entertainment installers for larger build outs. Smaller systems are installed by our in-house teams.

Of course. Click here.

A ballpark estimate is based on hundreds of other similar projects we’ve completed.  A more specific price is provided after a full design is completed and the scope of work is better understood by everyone involved.

We offer detailing services for the project we’ve installed.

Yes, there are many options to choose from but like everything else there are pros and cons to consider.

We choose sustainable plants, we appropriately address the soil conditions and will educate clients on best practices.


Yes, we offer fast financing, for all projects from 12-24 month same as cash,  starting at $1,500 with maxim of $10,000.  We also 12-72 month low apr rates, starting at $1,500 with maxim of $75,000.  We also have vendor partnerships with multiple banks to offer HELOC options.

As part of our landscaping services we will backfill the excavated areas and in many cases restore the planting bed or areas.

We only use PVC pipe for the majority of our small lines and double walled HDPE pipe for the deeper main lines.

All of our team members are trained for a minimal amount of 2 years in drainage installation and have a background in landscape construction.

The majority of our clients are residential , we have also worked with private business and on state projects.

We only use French drains in very limited situations and areas with our compacted soils and clays french chains are only a temporary solution. We also do not recommend drywells for most situations again due to our non permeable soils below 12 inches.

We can address any water challenge associated with drainage off of a roof, off land or below soil. These types of issues are sometimes related to foundations, wet areas in your yard, sump pump problems, and settling concrete of sidewalks, patios and driveways.

We start with understanding and evaluating your home and the surrounding area and how water is affecting your property.  We do this by evaluating your house from the top of the roof to the bottom of the foundation, while calculating the water flow around and through your property.  We then start to create possible solutions to and provide long term solutions, not short term quick fixes.

Many times a combination of grading and underground pipe work. We custom design each solution for every home differently. Our goal is to reroute water off your roof, through your yard space and drive it to a safe area away from your basement or foundation. 

Yes, of course. Some examples are here.

An on site consultation usually takes 1-2 hrs. Once a crew is on site to work typically 2-4 days depending on the solution/s needed. From start to finish it can take up to 4-5wks if a design and permit is required.

We warranty the parts and labor for 3 years.  Extended warranties are available.

Yes, Our systems are designed to slow erosion, limit soil decay and protect your home and plants.  Some systems can be designed to reclame water to be used for later use in your garden.

Yes, if required we’ll work with your local village to obtain the necessary permits.

We have extensive experience in working with all types of terrains and property settings.

Of course. Click here.

Interior drainage systems should be the last resort solution and only if the water can not be prevented from coming into the basement foundation.  These types of drainage systems can be very invasive when in your home to install and to manage.  We only install these systems as a last resort.  95% of the time, we can solve invasive water or drainage problems from the outside of the home.

Timing Questions

At this point it is hard to say, if it is being permitted it will take longer to start due the additional work and time that your local village will take to process and review.

Generally a kitchen remodel can take 3-5 weeks to complete. Some a bit more, some a bit less.

Yes, sometimes small chores or items need to be finished up or detailed before the next week.  If this is not an option for you or your family, please let us know.

7-10 AM through 3-6 PM

Once we start on your project, we complete the phase needed continuously.  From time to time there may be a day or two depending on the project that no work is being done and you will be notified via text or phone call the evening before.

Not a problem, we simply ask that we know 72 hours in advance so our teams can plan accordingly.

We require at least one parking stall in your garage.

Quality Questions

Well, if you are moving main supply lines you may wish to permit the project.  However if you are keeping your base layout it’s most of the time not required.  We work for you, it’s your choice.

All work is completed to code and is guaranteed for 3 years.

Best way is to take a picture and send it to your designer or project manager and they will get back to you shortly.  Communication is key to the success of this process.  Anon Bruton is always available and can be reached at 224.587.9399. Please text first if able but you can always call.  Also, our teams on site can address any immediate items, most of our team speaks English.

Pricing Questions

Well, firstly we’re happy you see the potential in moving forward and glad you’re giving us the opportunity to work with you.  So, although budgets are always needed to create a realistic design and expectations, we understand that this is more than likely new territory for you and we can be flexible in the payments, scope and possibly the phase of work to hopefully help you and family move forward with your project.

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