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Transform your dream space into a reality with our team of skilled craftsmen, architects, and interior designers. Whether it’s a stunning entertaining kitchen, a cozy reading nook, a sophisticated home office, or a luxurious powder room, our experienced team can create the perfect space tailored to your needs.

Our remodeling team consists of vetted and highly talented professionals who pay meticulous attention to every detail of your project. With full licensing, insurance, and bonding, you can trust that your project is in capable hands. We provide a single point of contact for your project, ensuring prompt and effective communication to address any questions or concerns.

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The JWB Remodeling Process


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Agree to a budget range


Finalize the design


Schedule the project and set initial timelines


Secure finished and rough materials

From Kitchens to Bathrooms to Basements and More

The possibilities are endless when it comes to redesigning your home. We work closely with local small retailers to ensure top-notch customer service and partner with other small businesses as a family-owned company to install the highest quality products, appliances, and fixtures in your home.

Let us help you create the ideal space for your lifestyle.

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Beyond Your Indoor Space

Looking to add value and living space to your home?

Consider an outdoor entertaining space with a kitchen and television, perfect for parties and events. An outdoor living room can be a fantastic addition to any home, providing a vacation-like experience in your own backyard.

Let us help you reimagine your home by extending your square footage and creating a relaxing outdoor space for everyday enjoyment.

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