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Water can be your best resource in the garden, but it can lead to a list of growing problems and costly repairs as the water works day and night in the wrong area. Water problems are quickly identified in large storms, but we find it’s the slow and soaking rains that can hide water more easily. As water turns to ice it increases in size and will raise any landscape surface like sidewalks, driveways, stoops and patios.

You are not sure who to call a landscaper, a plumber or an engineer? We hear that all the time. We work with village codes and village engineers to assure the project is designed and completed to better than village requirements. As a landscape-born company that also provides construction services helps us evaluate and then create the most inclusive solutions to solve your water management problems. We don’t believe in quick fixes or “band-aids”…ever. Our systems are designed to be maintained and inspected so your system can last over time.

Without proper drainage, water can pool around your foundation, causing serious damage to your home, eroding soils and cracking foundations. That’s why JWB Home Solutions provide real and practical drainage solutions to homeowners in McHenry County, IL and surrounding areas. We engineer and install small and large drainage systems that will keep your home and yard safe for the long term. If you’re tired of chasing water problems around your home and don’t know where to turn. We welcome the opportunity to help.

Don’t wait until your home is damaged by water to call or text us. Contact JWB Home Solutions today to get real solutions to your water problems. We’ll be happy to evaluate your situation, create your drainage system and then explain your best options. You can reach us at (224) 600-8800 or email us today at anon@jwbhome.com.

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